Village of Arnutovce lies in the western part of the Hornádska kotlina basin. It was founded around 1200. Originally, it was a royal village called Malé Tomášovce. The first written mention is from 1317. In 1366 the village was given to the Carthusian monks from the monastery at the Rock of Refuge (Skala útočišťa) and it belonged to them until the termination of the monastery in 1543. St. Sebastian is a patron of the village.

MONUMENTS: the Roman-Catholic Church of St. Helene from the beginning of the 15th century, originally built in a Gothic style, with wing altar (around 1485) made probably by Master Martin from Levoča

ACCESS: bus: Spišská Nová Ves (7 km), Poprad (21 km), train: line Bratislava – Žilina – Košice, Spišské Tomášovce stop (3 km).