Drevené rebríky v rokline Veľký Sokol sú v zlom technickom stave, prechod roklinou je náročný. V zlom technickom stave je tiež sústava drevených rebríkov v doline Bieleho potoka a to od ústia Kyseľa po Klauzy - zelený TZCH, zvýšte opatrnosť.
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The Slovak Paradise (Slovenský raj) – one of the most beautiful areas in the Spiš region in Slovakia. This small piece of nature earned the name thanks to its precious natural treasures and beauties. It consists of preserved karst plateaus, deep-cut river canyons, gorges with glamorous waterfalls, a huge underground world of caves and chasms and richly represented fauna and flora.

In 1964 the Slovak Paradise was declared the first protected landscape area in Slovakia. Despite the strict protection of this extraordinary area, declared a national park in 1988, everyone can experience exploring its beauties thanks to a dense network of hiking trails, which are in their impassable sections made accessible by various technical equipment and aids. The Slovak Paradise is open to visitors all year round.

The Slovak Paradise is a paradise for lovers of nature, hiking and sport.

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