Old Spiš village located in the Hornádska kotlina basin on the banks of the Brusník brook. For the first time mentioned in writing in 1250. Originally it belonged to the estate of the Spiš Castle.

MONUMENTS: the All Saints Church, built originally in the Romanesque style (13th century), later Baroquized, with wall paintings on the ceiling made by the famous Slovak painter Jozef Hanula

ATTRACTIONS: two over 200-year-old linden trees in a park near the church, the entrance to the Slovak Paradise through a replica of the Carthusian bridge at Letanovský mlyn, remains of the Carthusian monastery and symbolic cemetery at Kláštorisko

ACCESS: bus: Spišská Nová Ves (8 km), train: line Bratislava – Žilina – Košice, Letanovce stop.