Cingov-Sovia-skala.jpg(490 m.a.s.l.)

The northeastern gateway to the Slovak Paradise, accessible by bus, car, bicycle or by foot from the town Spišská Nová Ves and the villages Smižany and Spišské Tomášovce. Čingov is the largest tourist centre of the Slovak Paradise with a year-round complete range of accommodation and catering services. A significant archaeological site Hradisko is situated here. It is a starting point for easy hiking circuits in direction to Košiarny briežok and through the Zelená lávka bridge to the Sovia skala viewpoint, or in the opposite direction to the popular Tomášovský výhľad viewpoint along interesting rock formations of Ihla and Kazateľnica. More strenuous trails lead through the Partizánska lávka bridge to the Prielom Hornádu canyon, which can whole be passed through to Hrdlo Hornádu at Podlesok (Hrabušice), or you can turn to the Tomášovská Belá valley, to the Kláštorisko site, to the Tomášovský výhľad viewpoint or to the Kláštorská roklina gorge.

Košiarny briežok


(528 m a.s.l.)

A suburban recreation area of the town Spišská Nová Ves and the village Smižany with cottages, located within the protected zone of national park. Accessible by car from Smižany or by foot and via cycling trail along the Spišská Nová Ves’s airfield area, which continues through Bikšova lúka and Lesnica to Čingov.


Letanovský mlyn

Letan.-mlyn-2007_04_09-_7275.jpg(513 m a.s.l.)

A meadow site in the confluence of the Trstený potok brook and the Hornád river, where are located the remains of an old water mill. The reconstructed replica of the Carthusian bridge spans over the Hornád river. In the past a road to Kláštorisko led that way. The nearest access is by foot from Letanovce. Letanovský mlyn is a starting point for tours to the Prielom Hornádu canyon, it divides canyon into two parts.



(550 m a.s.l.)

Tourist centre, which is open all year round and is accessible from the village
Hrabušice (railway station Vydrník), with a complete range of tourist services. It is
a starting point for tours to the central and northwestern part of the Slovak Paradise:
mainly to the Prielom Hornádu canyon and the Suchá Belá gorge, or via
Glacká cesta road to Geravy and the south of the Slovak Paradise; or along the
Veľká Biela voda valley through Píla near Hrabušice to the gorges of Piecky and
Veľký Sokol, or to the Blajzloch reservoir.


(770 m. a.s.l.) Large plateau, also called Skala útočišťa (Rock of Refuge). An important crossroads of hiking trails and the only tourist centre situated inside the Slovak Paradise. During the peak season it offers refreshment and accommodation in tourist cabins. A possibility to visit an area of gradually restored Monastery of the Carthusians from the early 14th century. Part of the findings of an archaeological survey is exposed in a restored monastic cell. There is also a symbolic cemetery – exterior gallery of wooden artworks made by young artists from the Spiš region, which reminds us of lives of those, whose journey ended in the Slovak Paradise, and also of people, who contributed to the national park’s development.


(581 m a.s.l.) Settlement, a part of the village Hrabušice, in the Veľká Biela voda valley at the mouth of the Piecky gorge. Accessible by bicycle, car or bus from Hrabušice via Kopanecká cesta road.


Klastorisko.jpg(745 m a.s. l.)

Village was created by the unification of original small mining settlements Mlynky, Palcmanská Maša, Prostredný Hámor, Biele Vody, Havrania Dolina, Rakovec and Sykavka, located in the Hnilec river valley. Nowadays it is the most significant winter sports centre in the Slovak Paradise. In the part Biele Vody, there is a starting point for hikes to the Zejmarská roklina gorge.



(795 m.a.s.l.) Village under the southern cliffs of the Geravy plateau at the Palcmanská Maša lake. It is a starting point for hikes to the southern part of the Slovak Paradise


(791 m a.s.l.) Mountain village Stratená is a starting point for hikes to the Stratenský kaňon canyon, to the Občasný prameň spring, to the Havrania skala viewpoint or to the Tiesňavy valley.

Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa

(850 m. a.s.l.) Settlement, a part of the village Stratená. Starting point for a hike to the Dobšinská Ice Cave. You can find here themed educational trails about the ice cave and the wetlands of Hnilec.