Tomášovský výhľad

Tomasovsky2.jpgThe easiest accessible and most popular viewpoint at a 146 m high rocky terrace on the left bank of the Hornád river. It offers unique views of inner parts of the Slovak Paradise (of the Biely potok and Prielom Hornádu valleys) and through the Hornádska kotlina basin of the nearby Vysoké Tatry (High Tatras) mountains. Official rock climbing area is situated here. It is located on Prielom Hornádu educational trail. It is also accessible by bicycle via a cycling trail from the village Spišské Tomášovce.

Sovia skala

(552 m.) Rocky terrace, easily accessible viewpoint located above Čingov.


Northern ridge of the Prielom Hornádu canyon with nice views of the canyon and Letanovský mlyn.

Čertova sihoť

Certova-sihot.jpgContinuous ridge of the Glac plateau on the marked hiking trail, which connects Kláštorisko and Čingov, with nice views of the Tomášovská Belá valley.


Havrania skala

Havrania-skala.jpgDistinctive rock formation situated above the village Stratená, near the Občasný prameň spring. Marked hiking trail leads from Stratená or from the Stratenský kaňon canyon to the peak offering nice views..


Gačovská skala

Gacovska-skala_9565.jpgViewpoint above the village Dedinky. From the north it provides views of inner parts of the Slovak Paradise, of the Kráľova hoľa hill and the High Tatras; from the south over Dedinky and the Palcmanská Maša lake of the Volovské vrchy hills and the Slovenské rudohorie mountains. Available only with a guide.


Sedlo Kopanec

Accessible by foot with marked hiking trail from Podlesok. It is the highest point of the mountain road (cycling trail), the so-called Kopanecká cesta, which connects the valleys of Veľká Biela voda and Stratenská dolina. It offers nice views and panoramas of the High and Low Tatras.


pieskovec.jpgSouthern locality of the town Spišská Nová Ves with a 10-meter high Slovak double-cross. It offers nice views of the surroundings and the High Tatras. To get there you can use a marked hiking trail starting in the town centre.