Passing through the gorges is difficult. Solid footwear, in winter aids such as climbing crampons, ice picks or at least trekking poles are essential. Passing through the gorges, unlike the other hiking trails, is possible only in the upward direction, upstream.

Suchá Belá

Sucha-Bela.jpgThe most visited gorge of the Slovak Paradise. Starting point directly in tourist centre Podlesok in Hrabušice.

Length 3,8 km
Time of passage 2:00
Waterfalls Misové vodopády - 29,5 m
Okienkový vodopád - 12,5 m
Korytový vodopád - 8,5 m
Bočný vodopád - 8 m


Kláštorská roklina

Klastorska-19.jpgShort hiking trail via gorge is remarkable thanks to a high concentration of waterfalls. Start at the rope bridge in the Prielom Hornádu canyon. End at Kláštorisko.

Length 1,5 km
Time of passage 1:00
Waterfalls Vodopád objaviteľov - 11,5 m
Vodopád Antona Straku - 13 m
Dúhový vodopád - 8,5 m
Kaskády Gusta Nedobrého - 3 m
Malý vodopád - 3 m
Machový vodopád - 6 m
Kartuziánsky vodopád - 4 m



Kysel---Machovy-s.20.jpgCurrently, there are three sections available to tourists, all with a start at the crossroads Kyseľ - rázcestie (¤ 688) accessible from Kláštorisko:
The Veľký Kyseľ gorge – an elevation change of 269 m, a length of 1,75 km, leading to Biskupské chyžky, time of passage 1:15.
The Malý Kyseľ gorge – an elevation change of 224 m, a length of 1,5 km, leading to Suchá Belá - záver, time of passage 1:00.

Alternative trail – 1 km long circuit in direction over the Obrovský vodopád waterfall, time of passage 0:30.

Starting from Biely potok:

Kyseľ Ferrata Horskej záchrannej služby - elevation change 179 m, the length of Via Ferrata 1,47 km with the end by the confluence of Malý and Veľký Kyseľ (735 a.s.l.), time of passage 2:15

Ferrata set is mandatory for visitors of the Kysľ gorge. For nature protection reasons , Via Ferrata is only open from 15. of June to 31. of October

Waterfalls Pawlasov vodopád - 5,5 m
Vodopád ochrancov prírody - 10 m
Bočný bariérový vodopád - 17 m
Bariérový vodopád - 10 m
Malý Kyseľ Malý vodopád - 7 m
Machový vodopád - 8 m



Piecky-_20.jpgThe most segmented gorge of the Slovak Paradise. Start at Píla next to Hrabušice. Trail leads to the Malá Poľana plateau.

Length 4 km
Time of passage 2:00
Waterfalls Veľký vodopád - 13 m
Terasový vodopád - 8 m


Veľký Sokol

velky_sokol_velky_vodopad.jpgThe most massive (the longest and steepest – 300 m high cliffs) gorge of the Slovak Paradise, which ends in romantic Róthova roklina gorge (with only 1 m wide rock gate Kamenná brána). Start at Píla next to Hrabušice. End on the Glac plateau.

Length 6 km
Time of passage 2:30
Waterfalls Malý vodopád - 8,5 m
Veľký vodopád - 7 m


Sokolia dolina

Zavojovy-vod2.jpgThe wildest gorge with the highest waterfall of the Slovak Paradise – the Závojový vodopád waterfall (70 m) is the third highest in Slovakia. Start at the crossroads Sokolia dolina - ústie in the Tomášovská Belá valley. End at the crossroads Sokolia dolina - záver.

Length 2,5 km
Time of passage 2:00
Waterfalls Skalný vodopád - 3,5 m
Závojový vodopád - 70 m
Vyšný vodopád - 15,5 m


Zejmarská roklina

Zejmarska-s.22.jpgThe shortest gorge, the only available in the southern part of the Slovak Paradise. Start in Biele Vody – part of the village Mlynky. End on the edge of the Geravy plateau.

Length 1 km
Time of passage 0:50
Waterfalls sústava Nálepkových vodopádov - 22,5 m